2016 Tobasco Iron Chef Challenge

Eight teams comprised of students from Culinary and Baking & Pastry Arts programs will be competing for the coveted title of winner – Iron Chef Competition!

Humber Arboretum

Come explore the Humber Arboretum. This beautiful park consists of botanical gardens and natural areas surrounding the Humber River.

2015 Humber Fashion Show

The Humber Fashion students are put to the test as they showcase their abilities and talents in the 2015 Walk It Out Fashion Show at the Palais Royale.

A Better Slice of Life Documentary

Come behind the scenes with us to look into the lives of Dori, Maddie, Scott and Jim. They have all successfully graduated from the DSW culinary program at Humber College.

A Better Slice of Life Documentary

Jim struggles with schizophrenia, but that hasn't stopped him from succeeding in the DSW Culinary pilot program that trains students with disabilities.

A Better Slice of Life Documentary

Maddie finds a work placement at Insomnia Restaurant, with owner Daniel Quintas. Maddie thrives in such a caring environment.

International Students – Study At Humber

This video showcases the joys of studying abroad and why Humber is a great choice for international students.

The Airpack!

This video showcases the Airpack! The Airpack is a portable television control room and students in the Broadcast Television & Videography program thinks it's killer.

Protein Workshop

This video highlights sustainable protein alternatives for a world that is overpopulated and undernourished. Warning, people eat bugs!

The Business School at Humber

This video highlights the best that the Business School at Humber has to offer.

A Better Slice of Life Documentary

Scott is just one of several students enrolled in a pilot program to teach students with disabilities, how to cook and to eventually get a job in the field.

NGO Marketplace

International Development Week kicks off it's NGO Marketplace at Humber College, where NGO's showcase their companies mandate and a collective goal to change the world.

Nienkämper Furniture

This video showcases the Nienkämper furniture company and their mission to create beautifully designed furniture that their clients love.

Humber Billboards

Make a statement. What better way, than a billboard?

Personal Favourites

This is a selection of some of my favourite published illustrations.

Central Pennsylvania Magazine

Getting to illustrate Kwanzaa was one of the coolest things that could happen to a hopelessly white girl from Tottenham, Ontario.

We Are Unleashing Ambition

A commercial encapsulating business programs that will bring out the entrepreneur in you. Televised on Bell Media stations.

Social & Community Services

This video for the Humber School of Social & Community Services was broadcast on the Bell Media network and lauded for being moving and inspirational.

The Newsroom

The Newsroom is a state-of-the-art facility that offers students a work space to cover breaking news stories, allowing them to stream video live from virtually any location.

Dr. Jeffrey Semple & The Biosciences Lab

Dr. Jeffrey Semple speaks about Humber's Biosciences lab, which is one of the only cadaver labs in Canada.

House Party

A simple, yet fun evite. People love getting excited about parties, and each party needs something to help get that enthusiasm going. Strangers made-out at this party.

Lisa turns 50!

I think Lisa liked the evite, and her body in the evite, more than she liked the actual party. The evite, for her, was the best birthday gift she could receive.

Agnew Peckham

Something elegant. Celebrating 63 years in business.

Arbonne Digital Invite

Oh, you know what happened. There was makeup and booze.

Various Poster Designs

These posters were designed for three different credit unions: Provincial Alliance, Member Savings, and DUCA.

Media Studies eNewsletter

These eNewsletters were created to keep Humber students abreast of everything that was happening in the world of media studies.

Provincial Alliance eNewsletter

These quarterly eNewsletters kept Provincial Alliance clients up to date.

Sony Centre eNewsletter

This eNewsletter for the Sony Centre was a fresh, visually appealing way to keep their client base informed and actively engaged in the culture of performance.

Defy Gravity Rebrand

A pitch we proposed to Humber College to refresh their brand.

Humber College Ads

These ads have appeared in both international and local magazines.

University of Toronto

This work was developed for the Graduate Studies programs at the University of Toronto.

We Are Business Magazine

This Humber Business magazine was a comprehensive presentation of all of the program’s offerings.

Member Savings Pocket Folder

This work was done with an eye toward accommodating a wide ranging demographic and group of interests.

Humber International

These projects targeted overseas students as well as those who wanted to study abroad.

Open Doors

We designed this booklet so that people could find their way around the Humber College campuses during the Open Doors event. Nobody got lost.

Do What You Love

This booklet was designed to showcase the best that the Humber Business School has to offer.

Humber Media Studies

Hopefully catching the eye and informing any students interested in Humber’s School of Media Studies.

Provincial Alliance Credit Union

Provincial Alliance is an Ontario credit union and these newsletters were designed to keep clients up to date.

New Orleans Magazine

These illustrations hope to capture the whimsy and awkward hope of first dates.

The Progressive

I’ve been a regular contributor to The Progressive, a leftish magazine of political culture and commentary, for a number of years. It’s fun.

The American Lawyer

Illustrating the charisma of the legal world for American Lawyer, the leading source of legal affairs for the U.S. and across the world!

New York Times

Illustrating for the New York Times was like being asked to play on the Olympic Ice Hockey Team.

The Walrus Magazine

For your amusement and edification, I present to you a collection of fun illustrations I did for The Walrus.

Old Fashioned Picnic

Three people fell in love at this event.

Macleans & Money Sense

I think these illustrations are cute.

Humber Business Diplomas

Getting the message out about Humber’s 11 Business diploma programs!

Visual & Digital Arts Program

This video highlights all that the VADA program has to offer students, from the voices of some incredible and talented faculty.

Member Savings Credit Union

Again, appealing to a wide range of interests from a varied demographic.

Continuing Education

A tri-fold pocket folder! It’s a nerd magnet!

Humber Business Degrees

You want to know about Humber Business degree programs? Here you go.

William Osler Network Speaks On Professionalism

This motivational video specifically targeted graduating nursing students seeking employment and about the importance of professionalism.

American Eagle Outfitters Internships

We speak with American Eagle Outfitters about their experience taking on Humber Interns. They love 'em!

Interview with Norma Frost – Director of Care

This video is used as a tool to inform nursing students, what employers look for when they hire, and how professionalism in the workplace is extremely important.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post! Wow! Classy!

Michael’s Birthday

Feeling like batman, Michael punched Ryan Gosling in the face at this party. He later said, “ That was the best night of my life. I’m just going to drop the Mic now.”

Birchwood Group

The Birchwood Group is a subsidiary of Property Vista. This company develops software that offers web marketing, online tenant applications, to automated rent payment, tenant portals and customizable dashboards.

Michael Murray Freelance Writer

Michael Murray is a MASSIVE writing talent who can do anything. He skipped grade three, dammit!

All I want for Christmas

This Christmas card was the heavy weight champion of Christmas cards. Hipsters devoured and it sold all over the world. It was printed on a Heidelberg press and looked completely awesome.

National Post

These illustrations appeared in both the National Post newspaper and Business Magazine.

Humber Rollup Banners

These things were huge, bigger than basketball players. People loved them, even posing with them as if they were celebrities.

Dogs in Canada

I love dogs and live with a Miniature Dachshund named Heidi. She once stole an entire sushi dinner.

Be Magazine

Be Magazine was designed to celebrate the success of Humber students and to inspire new students. It was actually really satisfying to work with people who had done so well and were so optimistic and passionate about what they were doing.

Unlimited Worth

Unlimited worth offers self-awareness, career direction tests and action plans.

Deck Our Halls

376 people showed up to this party. The power of advertising, baby, the power of advertising.

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