Wether I’m directing a video, building an annual report or painting a portrait – I always strive for good, clean, design. Great fonts and crisp colours make me feel like I’ve opened a beautiful and surprising birthday present. I’m competitive yet kind, meaning I am hard working but well liked. I am keenly, almost spookily observant and inventive. Think McGyver. You want me on your side if you need to make a bomb from a lemon and a spider. If I were an X-Man, one of my powers would be super organization, another one, speed. Nothing falls between the cracks, and deadlines don’t freak me out because I always meet them. I sincerely like to help, and will do whatever I can to make my clients happy and to make your job easier.

I’ve been working in the arts since 2001. Video direction, graphic design and illustration are just some of my passions. I have a decent wardrobe, which means I can show up to a meeting and not look like a hobo.

My resume tells a much larger and cooler story.

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